Friday, June 30, 2006

Contest Prizes and Rules #2

I know that you have all been frantically checking my blog just waiting for this post. (Ok, so you might have popped on earlier and been a teeny bit upset that I didn't have the post up yet.) I promise you that I have been working hard and considering what I was going to give away as a prize for this contest.

Here are the rules:

July 4th is my fiance's birthday. In order to win the prize you must post a comment to my blog.

1. Post a "Happy Birthday, Will!" comment on this post or any post that comes after it from now until noon on July 4th.
2. You may post once each day for extra chances to win the prize.
3. Only those comments that have a reference to Will's birthday will be considered for the prize.
4. At 1 pm EDT Will will (ha ha) draw a winner from his hat and I will post accordingly.
5. Rules are subject to change if the need arises (though I don't think it will).

Now for the pictures. I already mentioned that I will let the lucky winner choose the two colors of their choice out of the "dish rag yarn" collection to create their very own dish rag. An example of the yarn is shown in this post. Included with that will be two very boring, but very special balls of Lionbrand Wool-Ease. These balls of Wool-Ease are very near and dear to my heart.

When I was first starting to knit I only used acrylic because it was cheap, fairly soft, and if I didn't like my work I hadn't spent a lot of money on it. As I became more proficient I started to crave the softness, durability, and naturalness of wool. I was still working for minimum wage and a college student and I hadn't yet ventured to my LYS so I went on a search for wool in the usual haunts. I finally settled on the pretty gray Wool-Ease with the intention of making Will a sweater. Now, as sweaters go, my idea was welcomed. That is, until I decided that I wasn't quite ready for a sweater. This yarn languished in my stash for some months until it finally blossomed into my first shawl. Every time I wear my shawl I think of this special Wool-Ease hiding in my stash and how "someday" I'll make something to go with my shawl. Well, my friends, because this yarn has so many good memories for me and is so special I want to give it to one of you. I want it to be the plain old yarn that brings with it so many good memories.

In addition to this yarn I have a few more treats. Want to know what I've been making the last few days? Stitch markers and a knitting journal! Included in this prize will be five stitch markers and a journal similar to the one in the picture. See all of the bunnies?

And Inside

Good Luck and keep posting! Kelli

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Say It With Me Now

Mason-Dixon. Mason-Dixon. Shh. Mason-Dixon.

What? You may be asking yourself. I have a slight twitch and a BIG problem. I've done it. I've gone yarn crazy and a lot little insane. Look at what I bought. hee hee hee (wild giggling) It was on sale. And guess what, as part of the prize I'm going to let the winner pick two skeins so that they too may join in the mad, crazy dish rag fun.

Dish rags you say? You're going to make hand knit dish rags? Yes. That is a resounding yes. Not only am I going to make dish rags, I am going to give them as presents at Christmas. Easy peasy, inexpensive happy-go-lucky dish rags. I think I might faint from all of the yarn enthusiasm.

Did I mention that I might have purchased Folk Solks by Nancy Bush and One Skein by Leigh Radford tonight. I also found some vital components to a secret prize at hobby lobby. Do you remember my stop by Inspired Fire? Well, I found some neat things there and I might have some fun little items for the contest prize.

What's that? Did you say ENOUGH OF THE KNITTING, WE WANT BUNNIES!? Why didn't you say so before. If you wanted bunnies you only had to ask. These are brand new, barely out of the womb, mere hours old, baby dutch bunnies. The torts are born pure pink, but will have their orange coloring within 48 hours.

More kitten pictures? My aren't we demanding tonight, but I suppose a kitten picture wouldn't hurt. :)

Too blurry? You want another one to make up for the blurry picture? Oh, ok.

Enjoy! (Please ingore the look of abject terror in the kitten's eyes. No kittens were harmed in the making of this blog post.)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

12:17 AM Time me, I'm done!

This is what the Monica socks looked like last night at about 10:30 PM. Notice the very long first sock being knit onto the short second sock. Somewhere in here you are missing the cussing, crying, staring in disbelief at the knitting and praying that what you knit off of one sock will still allow the other sock to fit.

I finished them at 12:17 AM. I was bound and determined to finish these socks. Then I discovered, as the very kind model Monica displayed the socks for me, that I had not knit the cuffs evenly. At this point, a better knitter would have reknit them, I am not a better knitter, I am a knitter with a finished object. PERIOD. I am not reknitting them. I am not.

I also cast on for the second waffle rib sock tonight, but there is so little progress, its really not worth showing.

Per the usual, Wed. is kitten picture night. My apologies for the picture quality, the little cuties are much more active now and its harder to get a good group picture.

Poor Dot, she tries to be a good mommy, but the kittens make it so hard sometimes. Notice the fluffball trying to nurse while Dot is trying to eat? That didn't last long.

Don't worry there are more kitten pictures for tomorrow. I even have a little something planned for later this weekend. What about another contest? With yarn from my very own stash? Precious yarn that I wouldn't give to just anybody, it has to be a blog friend. Look for a contest that starts Friday and continues through the holiday.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Knitter Bunny vs. The Fog

Tonight we bring you the adventures of Knitter Bunny. Earlier this morning we left a slightly groggy Knitter Bunny rapidly speeding to an engagement at a county fair. As she enjoyed the morning breeze through her windows, she was dismayed to discover fog blanketing the area that she was traveling to. When the sun finally burned away the thick pea soup fog, Knitter Bunny was excited to discover that she had found her destination. Without wasting a precious moment Knitter Bunny was bounding into the show ring to pass judgement on furry critters that had two ears and a wiggly tail. A rousing morning of bunny judging was capped with an exciting choice between an English Lop and a Netherland Dwarf for Best In Show. Knitter Bunny agonized over the choice as the English Lop was truly a handsome fellow, but was finally won over by the sweet pose and well finished coat of the Netherland Dwarf.

Knitter Bunny then cruised to her next destination, Inspired Fire, where she found some delightful beads and was introduced to glassblowing. Is there another hobby in the works for Knitter Bunny? Tune in tomorrow for more of the exciting adventures of . . . KNITTER BUNNY!

Obligatory bunny picture. Another of the 3 1/2 week old Angora babies from Oct. 2004.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sock Progress

I could dance, I could sing, I could recite poetry, but I think I'll show you sock pictures instead. :)

Here we have a completed Waffle Rib Sock for me. I am so pleased with how this turned out. Please forgive the poor lighting. It stormed mighty hard here at the bunny farm and it is simply too wet to take the sock outside for pictures in the fading light. It is so fresh and clean outside. It's even a bit nippy this evening now that the storm has passed.

Here we have the second Monica sock, heel turned and the beginning of gusset decreases. Not only have I beaten the second sock curse, but I feel very good that I've already made it to the gusset decreases. Of course, I found out that I had knit the first sock two inches too long, so I will be frogging it back those two inches as soon as I finish the second sock. :(

Just because CygKnit is so hooked on the Angora rabbits. I give you English Angora babies from my first litter in Oct. 2004. (Ha! Amy, I didn't even give you a chance to be a "pushy broad!" :P )

These babies are about 10 days old. The bottom picture shows a few of the babies at about 4 weeks old.

So what do you think? Leave a comment on my blog if you want more bunny pictures tomorrow. If I get 6 comments that say "Yes, we want more bunny pictures!" I promise to post at least three more bunny pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

One Month Blogiversary

Today I have officially been blogging for one month. I've already been blessed to meet several great bloggers and non-bloggers across the country. I look forward each day to sharing my knitting and reading other blogs on the internet.

Someone left a very insistent, but nice comment on my blog. Amy, of the Knitty Blog, asked for more bunny pictures. I give you more bunny pictures.

The top picture is of a 3 day old litter. The middle picture is a 3 1/2 week old litter. This litter is a mix of black and blue babies. Both black and blue babies can be born to a black or blue dam depending on the sire. I only raise three vaireties (colors) of Dutch rabbits, blacks, blues, and tortoises. There are six recognized varieties. If you are interested in finding out more about Dutch rabbits, click on the ADRC link in my sidebar.

Lest you think that I haven't been knitting. I started the second of the Monica socks to avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome and I've been working on the waffle rib socks for myself as well. I've turned the heel and am traveling nicely along the foot.

I just love how this is knitting up. It fits well, and I am happy to say that for once I am knitting a sock that I can keep. The next project that I'm starting (once I finish these socks of course) is a pair of cabled socks for Will. I made sure that he approved the yarn, so now I just need to finish some projects. Hee hee. We'll see how long that takes.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Things I am going to try this year

1. Cabling. I have never cabled. I will admit it to the blogiverse. I am a knitter who has never cabled. I have made lace, but have been too afraid to try cables. This year I am going to make cables. I will be fearless in my pursuit of the cabled goodness. This will be manifested in pictures on my blog so that I will be forced to stay on task.

2. Intarsia. I have never tried color work. I am going to try colorwork. I will use two or more colors in a row and I will love it. I will pursue the intarsia and I will blog it so that I can't avoid the colors dancing across my needles. I will not weep when I am stuck, but will seek the help and advice of my blogging friends.

3. Fair Isle. This scares me more than you know. I throw my yarn. I don't remember what style of knitting this is, but I throw my yarn. I have no idea if this will help or hinder me in creating fair isle. There will be no grief, no cursing, no tossing of the perfectly good wool into piles of tangled kitty toys. I will create fair isle and I will not huddle in the corner rocking back and forth as I down a Smirnoff Ice, eat dark Godiva, and pet the yarn. You my blogging friends, will save me from myself and glory with me in the finished fair isle!

I will rely on all of you, my friends, to help my in my tasks. I will grow this year. I will be a better knitter. I will be, really drunk and high on chocolate a knitter with something cabled, something made with intarsia, and something fair isle.

Oh, and one Monica sock done.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Zucchini are a comin'

I must say that when a sight like this greets your eyes, you just have to smile.

All of those happy flowers are destined to be my zucchini this summer. Zucchini bread, fried zucchini, baked zucchini, roasted zucchini, zucchini on the grill, sauteed zucchini. Mmmmm. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

This little beauty is one of my eggplants. Eggplant parmesan, fried eggplant, um, uh, well that's it. I only eat eggplant two ways.

Still, look at the happy flowers and the happy leaves. :)

Now for CygKnit, the CygKnit, I give you. . .

Kitty pictures!

Hee Hee. This one is so funny. I love the kitty close-ups.

Not to mention the cute kitty on the lap.

As for knitting pictures. We have here, the first Monica sock, out of the corner, happily obeying my commands. This is Lionbrand self striping sock yarn. I don't remember the color right off hand.

I think it is coming along quite well and if you look closely you can see my bare toes. Have no fear, I am making some socks for myself as well.

They are made of the Jojoland yarn in the same color as my prize yarn in a waffle rib pattern. BTW give a shout out to Holly and her new blog at PBNJ's Fibery Goodness. My apologies for the blurry photo.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Official Scores: Part 2

I'm done! I'm done! Do you see this? It's a FO!
Kelli-2 (Hey, fringe counts as a point on its own!)

Official length of the Project Spectrum Betty Boop Blue Shawl: 72 inches. I'm still 66 inches.

I'm going to go post it on Lolly's PS flickr tonight.

And I might have cast on some socks. What?! I'm done with the shawl, its ok that I cast on some socks. I'm going to work on the other pair tonight I promise. I'll try to get an action shot soon.

You know how I said that the REMC was going to bury the cable today?

This is definitely NOT buried. Grrr.

CygKnit asked for more kitty pictures. I put them all on my lap and took some cute kitty pictures. Please ignore the blindingly white "chicken legs."

They are even starting to try kitten food! I love having a lap full of squirming, wiggling, furry, loveable kitties. More knitting news tomorrow night.

Keep up the knitting, and remember, Every day is a good day when . . . you have a lap full of kittens! :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

When the Knitting Goddess and Lady Luck Get Together . . .

So, who knows what happened to me last night? Anyone? Oh, wait I haven't told you yet. My power went out. Not completely, just enough for the furnace, water, and my sanity to completely die. Yea, that's right. I had no water from sometime between 8 and 10 last night until late this afternoon. I thought that it was just my well pump and I needed to have it repaired. I live in the country and use a well, so I called my guy that put in my well. He came out this morning and said that it wasn't my well that was acting up (as I had initially thought), it was an electric problem. So I called the REMC. I was about to have a nervous break-down when I found out that the REMC didn't think they would be able to come until tomorrow morning. I will admit that I may have briefly considered burying myself in stash and waiting for the darkness to just go away. Luckily they dropped by this afternoon and "temporarily" fixed my electrical problem. They'll be back tomorrow to tear a hole in my yard and bury the new cable. Grrrr.

Then when I get home to view the handiwork I notice something. Oh, no, that is totally not right. I could swear I just, but I guess I haven't, dammit. My tire is nearly flat in back. I hate putting air in tires. Being a smart person, having consulted with my mother, I think to myself "I need to have my oil changed, I'll just run to Quick lube and they'll fix both problems." As you are looking at the clock reading 6:36 staring at the Quick Lube (which closes at 6) cursing Mitch Daniels and his Daylight Savings Time, you think "Stupid Tire." Then you think, "I'll just run to that blasted Wal-Mart and let it suck my soul and fix my problem." Until you are told at Wal-Mart that it will be a two hour wait. Grrrr.

So you do what you don't want to do and go fill the stupid tire yourself, even though you were going to do that anyway until your mother said that you should just go get your oil changed and the tire taken care of at the same time. Grrrr.

On a happier note, the yarn that I mentioned here, came and I have a picture. Alpaca With a Twist "Fino" 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk, 875 yds.

I'm thinking of knitting curtains out of the rose petal and the dry grape (PS purple for July). The black is destined for an elegant evening shawl I think.

I promise more bunny and kitty pictures soon. I'm working very hard on the PS Betty Boop Blue Shawl. (Yea, so I named it.) I always liked Betty Boop, she had real curves. Anyway, I'm not going to end up using the whole 1200 yards of handspun, so I'm going to finish the stripe on my shawl and fringe it. Yea, fringe, lots of fringe, everywhere! Then I'm going to knit a hat or something out of the left overs.

Parting comment: Do you think Ruby should be the Knitter Bunny mascot?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hell Hath No Fury. . . Like A Knitter Parted From Her Yarn Money

Credit card fraud can happen to you. How do I know you ask? Because it happened to me on my last statement. Now, I don't want to scare you, the person charged a mere $94.35, but the fact that it even happened has me on edge. If they can use my card for one purchase, what's to stop them from using it for thousands of dollars worth of stuff? And not even good stuff like yarn or dog toys or kitty food. I called the credit card company as soon as I noticed the charge (which was right when I freakin' opened the envelope people!) and had them cancel my card and issue a new one. Now I have to go through some fraud statement things and I just do NOT feel like fighting over my money that some jerk had no right to rip off.

What in the hell possesses people to go jack off some other person's money? I'm trying to be nice here, live my life, be a good person, donate to charities. What gives you(the jerk) the right to try and take my hard earned cash? I didn't go rip the needles out of your mother's hands! I'm a college student, I have very little money, why are you trying to take it?!?! I'm sorry, my blog friends, I've known about this since Friday, but I didn't want it to interrupt my happy yarn buying trip (and bunny show). However, I felt the need to blow off some steam over this. I hope this person, this credit card information stealing, piece of sh*t dies a lonely life with no one to knit him/her warm mittens, and I hope this person freezes and dies a horrible death for want of wool. There. I'm done.

Other news. On a happy note, the kittens came out to see me tonight. This is the first night that they ventured from beneath the bunny cages and I was so happy to see their furry little behinds slowly walking around by the food bowl (looking for mama) and meowing their little heads off. Um, the last part got a little old. I do know a great way to get Dot in the barn though, I hold a kitten and let it yowl. She comes running, I close the door, and I pat the kitten on the head while setting it among its siblings. Very satisfying being able to get the cat in the door quickly.

Also, if you haven't wandered over to Melissa's blog, please go vote for Little G. Details about the contest are posted on her blog. If you vote for Little G and leave her a note, she'll enter you in a contest. You can also click on the button in my sidebar for Little G to go vote. Polls are open until next Sunday, the 25th. Thanks in advance for helping Melissa.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

On the Road Again!

Whee! I had so much fun this weekend. I got started early on Sat. and took off for Michigan. My first stop was In Sheep's Clothing in Marshall, MI.

This charming shop was tucked into an old house along with two other shops. The people there were great and willing to answer questions. They even let me take this picture! This is just a portion of the shop. See all of the pretty yarn? I had trouble choosing a skein, but finally picked a handpainted sock yarn. It's Sleeping Drgaon Yarn in the colorway "Mossy Frog." I also bought their last three issues of Wild Fibers that they had.

From there I traveled on to Charlotte, MI where I found a shop called the Yarn Garden. The selection was great, the service was wonderful, and I bought enough yarn to knit a sweater for Will.

It's Aracaunia Nature Wool in a beautiful variegated blue. I also found some Knitters Little Helper Hand Balm and I bought the book Knit Wit: 30 Easy and Hip Products. I had so much fun at this little shop and the lovely woman that helped me was a blast! We searched the nooks and crannies of the shop to find just the right yarn for Will's sweater.

All in all the yarn trip was great, I met some fun people, and I found some great yarn. The rabbit show (you know, the reason that I was in Michigan, hee hee) lasted until 2 am and I was a little lazy this morning. Let's just say I didn't get up until 10.

My package to the Yarn Harlot is on its way, along with Holly's package as of Sat. morning. Hopefully they will arrive at the beginning of next week. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming starting tomorrow.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Pictures of the First Prize

Holly, come on down! lol Ok, here's a picture of the prize for my first contest.

This yarn is so cool in person. It's really hard to see the colors in this picture, but there are hints of green and pink and maybe some orange or gold. 220 yds/ball 100% wool sock yarn.

Congrats to Holly, have fun with this. I will try to get this shipped tomorrow, but forgive me if its Monday.

I am off to Michigan tomorrow to judge bunnies and buy yarn. I won't be blogging again until Sunday or Monday. Thanks for stopping by!

Winner for the First Contest!

Last night (when I was up, oh sooo late) the 24th comment was posted on my blog! That comment was posted by "pbnj" also known as Holly. So Holly send me an email with your address and I will get your prize shipped out. I haven't even gotten to post the pictures yet!

I will post pictures of the prize before mailing it, so it may be late next week before it gets sent. lol Holly, I hope you're a knitter!

Thanks to all who participated. I will be hosting another small contest towards the end of June or beginning of July. I think you'll find out why then. ;)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Official Scores

Kelli- 0

52 inches and growing. I am only 66 inches tall. You do the math on where it falls right now.

Must sleep, must NOT knit.

It's a Conspiracy, I Tell Ya!!

I swear, the rabbits have risen up against me. Usually they sit in their little bunny cages and wiggle their little noses and I feed them and water them. Usually some will ignore me, others will try to eat my hand, and most will come up to be petted. Tonight, they are in revolt! I swear every rabbit that I turned to dunked both paws in the water I had just generously refilled and splashed me like a two year old at the community fountain. It was like giving my little brother a squirt gun and telling that the only thing he can't shoot is me. I was a moving target before the words left my mouth.

Even some of my favorites like Jimmy, Angel Wings, Black Silk, and Sierra were on the bunny warpath tonight. I think they're still out there giggling like little bunny fools at the sopping wet provider of food and water. Ok, enough of the bunny rant.

I actually have knitting pictures to show. Yep, real, honest to goodness knitting pictures. I was worried about my shawl growing (see previous entry) until I looked at how big it had gotten when I laid it on the bush. Actually I had to drape it part way over the bush, and I still have at least 500 yards left. Um, I'm thinking I may have bit off a bit more than I can chew, this is swiftly becoming a lap blanket/table cloth/monstrosity(ah hem), more than a shawl.

If you don't believe me, compare to this picture. See? See? For reference this bush is about four feet tall. Um, that's 48 inches. I've used maybe 500 yards of the yarn so far. Maybe. I might have more yarn than I thought because I'm terrible at remembering to measure my yarn after I wash it. I usually jump right to the part where its dry and I get to put it on the fun swifty thingy and it goes ZOOM! onto the ball winder. He he. That doesn't help me now, does it?

New topic! Part of the prize for the contest is here! Some is still on its way. I'm getting excited! We are very close to having a winner, and I haven't even posted the pictures of the prize yet!

I'm off to dinner with "big brother" Jason. He and his wife are having a baby this fall and I'm thinking, hmmmmm, all of the baby things I can knit. . .

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Squash Blossom!

If I haven't mentioned it before I am a (very) amatuer gardener. I have planted 3 zucchini, 3 acorn squash, 3 eggplant, and 6 bell pepper plants in my tiny garden. Was I ever pleased to see this

when I watered the garden tonight. (No the garden has not been watered in the picture, I watered after.)

I was also pleased to see all of the baby bunnies growing so nicely in their nestboxes, thus

Bunny Pictures!! These are two of my litters, the top litter is one week younger.

I was also pleased at the growth of my bachelor buttons, so

Yea! Look at how pretty they are!

Hmmm, I bet you've been waiting for the knitting. I keep knitting on the shawl, but it doesn't feel like its growing as much anymore. I'm going to work on it more tonight after I finish this post. I also got an exciting package in the mail, namely Sensational Knitted Socks and Wendy Knits. Now, I'm going to run along, pop in a movie, and work on getting this shawl finished and a collage put up on the web page.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I think I'll call you . . .

Since CygKnit asked so nicely, I posted pictures of two more kittens.

And some of my stash. Alpaca With a Twist "Landscapes: Fire Island." 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Silk, 72 yds/skein. Two skeins are from my LYS River Knits in Lafayette. The other five were an ebay purchase. More to come later!