Tuesday, June 20, 2006

When the Knitting Goddess and Lady Luck Get Together . . .

So, who knows what happened to me last night? Anyone? Oh, wait I haven't told you yet. My power went out. Not completely, just enough for the furnace, water, and my sanity to completely die. Yea, that's right. I had no water from sometime between 8 and 10 last night until late this afternoon. I thought that it was just my well pump and I needed to have it repaired. I live in the country and use a well, so I called my guy that put in my well. He came out this morning and said that it wasn't my well that was acting up (as I had initially thought), it was an electric problem. So I called the REMC. I was about to have a nervous break-down when I found out that the REMC didn't think they would be able to come until tomorrow morning. I will admit that I may have briefly considered burying myself in stash and waiting for the darkness to just go away. Luckily they dropped by this afternoon and "temporarily" fixed my electrical problem. They'll be back tomorrow to tear a hole in my yard and bury the new cable. Grrrr.

Then when I get home to view the handiwork I notice something. Oh, no, that is totally not right. I could swear I just, but I guess I haven't, dammit. My tire is nearly flat in back. I hate putting air in tires. Being a smart person, having consulted with my mother, I think to myself "I need to have my oil changed, I'll just run to Quick lube and they'll fix both problems." As you are looking at the clock reading 6:36 staring at the Quick Lube (which closes at 6) cursing Mitch Daniels and his Daylight Savings Time, you think "Stupid Tire." Then you think, "I'll just run to that blasted Wal-Mart and let it suck my soul and fix my problem." Until you are told at Wal-Mart that it will be a two hour wait. Grrrr.

So you do what you don't want to do and go fill the stupid tire yourself, even though you were going to do that anyway until your mother said that you should just go get your oil changed and the tire taken care of at the same time. Grrrr.

On a happier note, the yarn that I mentioned here, came and I have a picture. Alpaca With a Twist "Fino" 70% baby alpaca, 30% silk, 875 yds.

I'm thinking of knitting curtains out of the rose petal and the dry grape (PS purple for July). The black is destined for an elegant evening shawl I think.

I promise more bunny and kitty pictures soon. I'm working very hard on the PS Betty Boop Blue Shawl. (Yea, so I named it.) I always liked Betty Boop, she had real curves. Anyway, I'm not going to end up using the whole 1200 yards of handspun, so I'm going to finish the stripe on my shawl and fringe it. Yea, fringe, lots of fringe, everywhere! Then I'm going to knit a hat or something out of the left overs.

Parting comment: Do you think Ruby should be the Knitter Bunny mascot?


At Tuesday, June 20, 2006 9:58:00 PM, Anonymous PBnJ said...

LOL at burying yourself in your stash! :) But sorry about all the annoyances lately!
That yarn looks absolutely heavenly, and the bunny is adorable!


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