Monday, July 03, 2006


I woke up at 4 am on Friday morning crying because my calf hurt so terribly. I thought, oh just a charlie horse, no big deal. Grit through the pain. Eventually the pain let off enough that I could sleep, but my calf continued to hurt all day on Friday. Now I am not a wussy cry baby every little hurt sends me to the doctor kind of person, so when my knee suddenly hurt when I stepped out of the van on Friday night, I sucked it up. Saturday I noticed that I had a little bruise on my knee. Sunday I had a bruise on my knee and my knee cap. Monday, well, do not scroll down if you are faint of heart or light of stomach.

It has bloomed, my bruise has freakin' bloomed into this huge purple/yellow flower on my knee. As a result my post is short tonight.

Will had a great time in Attica at the Badlands. He did have a few (ah-hem) scrapes. On the whole though, he is hale and hearty, but destined to be sore tomorrow.

I need to go ice the cake and my knee. (ha ha)

Keep posting. Winner announced tomorrow, and I might let you in on what I ordered from Knit Picks.


At Monday, July 03, 2006 8:53:00 PM, Blogger PBnJ said...

Ouch! So sorry for your leg. :( Hope it feels better soon!

At Tuesday, July 04, 2006 12:46:00 PM, Blogger PBnJ said...

A very Yankee Doodle Dandy Birthday to you Will! Happy Birthday!!!! :D

At Wednesday, July 05, 2006 11:25:00 AM, Blogger CygKnit said...

I can't believe I missed the post on your knee until just now! Is it better today?


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