Sunday, July 09, 2006

Edging and Binding Off are sooooo much fun

I love this bind off in the edging business. I don't even have to worry about binding off after I finish the edging or attaching an edging after I knit it. This is heaven. I still have a ways to go, but I am excited to be close to the end. I should have it edged by tomorrow night. Please forgive the dark picture, it was later this evening when I took it.

I can't wait to block this baby and see what it really looks like.

The kittens are growing and starting to follow me around the bunny barn. I feel like the momma duck with all of the little ducks waddling along behind. Dot even brought the kittens a mouse to play with. It was somewhat macabre watching them bat the dead mouse around, but I look forward to them catching mice when they are older. No little mousies to scare Kelli in the barn!

I'm itching to cast on a new project. Namely some "knucks" from the new issue of Knitty in my handspun leftovers from the Project Spectrum shawl. I'm also working on getting the kinks out of a pattern for some gloves for my brother. I'll keep you updated as I finish my design elements in the next few weeks.

Hop on, amigos.


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