Friday, June 09, 2006

Kitties! Shawl! Pictures!

I just couldn't resist putting up one more post today. I may not get one up tomorrow. I took a picture of all five of the little kitties.

Aren't they just adorable? Will's favorite kitty color is black, so, of course, he wants to keep a black one. I'm more partial to the black and white kittens. I'll have to see what their personalities are before I make a decision.

I also took another picture of the shawl. I think it looks much better outside in the natural light. Please ignore the very ugly bush with the weed (tree) that is growing out of it. It was just handy to exhibit the shawl on. I was going to hang my shawl on the deck again and show you the difference, but birds have taken over my deck and there is bird sh** everywhere. Bleh.

In other news, Will is enjoying working at Bison trailers and is very tired at night because yeah, he's working two jobs. I'm also planning a yarn buying trip for June 17. I'm going to Marshall, MI and Charlotte, MI to hit the two yarn shops that I found on the internet. This coincides beautifully with the evening show I'm judging in Charlotte that day. So yeah, yarn! (Don't tell Will though, he doesn't know about this little adventure yet. tee hee)


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