Tuesday, June 06, 2006

He's Doing What?!

Let me preface this story with some background information.  I have been dating Will for nearly five years.  He proposed on Christmas eve and we're planning on getting married after I finish my Master's degree.  He is usually a very centered, stable, even keel kind of guy that is very tolerant of my yarn stash (because at least it is smaller than his mother's), and loves me. Period. 
When he tells you that he had been offered a new job and its better pay, better hours, than what he has been working you jump for joy.  Until he tells you that they want him to start THAT DAY and he can't give notice to his boss until Tues., which means that he can't officially quit the previous job for two more weeks.  Uh, well, you're remarkably speechless.  So, you say, not really thinking this through, you're working two jobs?  Well, yes he is.  So when will you come to see me?  (Being selfish and not offering to go see him.)  Two weeks, he replies.  Oh . . .
New job, great! No Will for two weeks?  Sad.  Not being able to talk to your fiance until 11 pm.  Very sad.

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