Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cast On, Watch the Dog

The best thing that I can do for myself at this point is to admit that I want another shawl. Yes, another one, made from my own handspun. I will finally admit that I am going to make another shawl. I had been resisting as my other two projects are a shawl and the sock that is doing penance in the corner. (Yes, it is still doing penance. It will probably be in the corner for at least 4 more days.)

I cast on tonight and watched the dogs play. Sadie and Beau rolling like they had grown up together. They were funny, comical, crazy in their doggy play time. Everything is still going well with the new pup. She's starting to learn commands and I have hopes that she'll know down by the end of next week. I will try to add another post tomorrow. Hopefully the kitty will have her kittens.


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