Friday, June 09, 2006

Artificial Light, bleh

I wanted to post a picture of my shawl, but I wasn't sure how much time I would have tonight, so I took a picture at work. It's, well, the colors, ugh! It looks so much better in natural light. However, for the sake of getting it posted, here it is.

I will be posting better pictures when I get a chance.

In other news, I bought my very first MP3 player last night, a Creative Zen Vision M. So far, I'm delighted. I can't wait to download a knitting podcast, because to tell you the truth, knowing that there was a knitting podcast out there, that I couldn't listen to, was well, torture. So my desire to get an MP3 player was bumped into all out, jealousy of everyone who had one. The green-eyed monster is gone now, it will sleep until I visit blogland and see all of the yarns that I wish I had.

Hope your day is going well.


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