Sunday, May 28, 2006

Buh-Bye Weeds, Hello Poppies

Yeah! Ding dong the weeds are dead, the weeds are dead, the weeds are dead! Ding Dong the wicked weeds are dead! I'm thinking of planting hostas and moving the tuplips and daffodils out of my corner box. It's very shady and the lily-of-the-valley really likes it. I'm thinking hostas would look great with the LOTV. I'm still working on pictures and will post them soon.

All of my boxes look great now. It seriously cut into knitting time, but I can't wait for my poppies to grow. I was cruising ebay and found the One Stop Poppy Shop. The seller was very courteous, sent my seeds immediately, and had the cutest little seed packages. I'm hoping the sweet little things start growing soon.

While I'm thinking about ebay, I bought my dog a bed from ComfyK9Creations and he loves it. He used to beg to sleep on my bed every night and would resign himself to his bed only after a pathetic sigh. Now he goes to his own bed at night, in the afternoon, at any time. I'm so happy to have found a bed that he likes as well as I do.

Ok, now for the knitting. I've been looking at the sock. Well, glaring at it really and I just haven't brought myself to pick it up to work on turning the heel yet. I should, I really should, but I'm a little angry at the sock and as such it is doing penance in the corner.

I'm off for the evening. Making dinner for the roommate, fiance, and a friend. I'll post more about them later.

Every day is a happy day when you can knit and hug your bunny.


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