Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My version

This is the Lightweight Mountain Peaks shawl by Miriam of Icarus fame (photographed at work). I made no modifications to the pattern barring a larger needle size to balance my yarn choice.

Yarn: Hand dyed single ply lace weight Merino wool from Spin*n*Knit on eBay

Needle: US 4 Susan Bates Circular (slightly blunt tipped for this)
I'm very pleased with how this turned out except for an error** in the border. I had contemplated sending this to State Fair, but I will knit another shawl instead. This was a great little practice piece to work with. I love Miriam's patterns; well written, easy to read, and a great finish. I'm working my way up to larger and harder lace. Whether or not this is a good thing is entirely relative!

Yarn Confessions start tomorrow. I'm going to limit them to my purchases at each store. It's going to take a few days. So delight in my gluttony. I've been impulse buying with the bunnies being sick. I bought quite a bit more than I realized too. Oops!
**ETA: The more I look at that sentence, the less I like it. What I meant to say was, I made a boo boo in the border and it really sticks out to me. Not that Miriam had an error. Her pattern was error free. (Not idiot proof though, I started the border three times before I figured out that my printer hadn't printed one of the symbols. Duh!)



At Wednesday, March 07, 2007 7:44:00 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Gorgeous! And I haven't even gotten around to knitting Icarus yet! I haven't even finished the 4 shawls I have started. Will you please stop it!!!!

At Wednesday, March 07, 2007 8:54:00 PM, Blogger ~Tonia~ said...

That is soooooooo pretty!!!!!! Can't wait to see your yarn purchases. You desirved all the yarn after having to deal with everything you have been lately. You can never have too muvh right?.

At Thursday, March 08, 2007 2:13:00 AM, Anonymous Evelyn said...

Your shawl is quite a piece of art. You must be very proud of yourself. I wouldn't even attempt it. Good for you. Everything about it is perfect.

At Thursday, March 08, 2007 11:40:00 AM, Blogger Samantha said...

Beautiful. :)

At Thursday, March 08, 2007 8:07:00 PM, Blogger CygKnit said...

That is just all kinds of beautiful.

At Thursday, March 08, 2007 9:13:00 PM, Blogger needlefingers said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

At Friday, March 09, 2007 7:21:00 AM, Anonymous Kelly said...

Beautiful! Great job!


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