Thursday, May 25, 2006

Projects, Projects, And Never Enough Time

Ok, So I'm going to add some pictures of the projects that I've finished. Be forewarned, the picture quality is terrible and the knitting is, well so so. I would like to contend that I knit better than a three headed chicken, however, the three headed chicken is giving me nasty looks.

Ok, the Green Shawl is knit in the Cobweb Pattern which was generously free on the MagKnits website I think ( I will check later this evening). The yarn is a handspun (2-ply) Cotswold that turned out beautifully. I ordered the Cotswold from WI thinking to use it for something entirely different, but the shawl is gorgeous. It's going to be Monica's present for her birthday on June 5. Shhhhh.

The Gloves are being modeled by the beautiful hand model Monica, and yes I know the finger tip is missing. You'd be surprised how long it took me find a pattern that had all ten fingers. Ok, now I'm joking. My brother asked for Hunting gloves for Christmas, aka no trigger finger. So I dutifully got out the handspun Millends Superwash yarn that I had created for just such a project and whipped up a pair of gloves for the brother. Not that he appreciated the time it took me to find a pattern and modify it to fit his big teenage man-boy hands.

The Final Picture is of a shawl that I made for my friend Stephanie for her birthday. The colors are a little intense, but I think that they worked well together. It's also big enough to cover her: shoulders, boobs, and butt. Oops, guess the gauge was a little larger than anticipated. Oh well, that's why its fun to knit shawls.


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